I had a flare up of really bad allergies after I moved into my new home, I called Allied Clean Air Solutions and I noticed a remarkable difference instantly. A couple days after my allergies were 95% better.  My ducts were cleaned and sanitized thoroughly Thank you Allied Clean Air. 

Sarah Toronto ON.


We recently did renovations and there was drywall dust everywhere we cleaned and  dusted but it just kept coming back, I saw Allied Clean Air Solutions ad online and called. We are extremely happy  and impressed by the duct cleaning and house cleaning they did a great job. We can now enjoy our beautiful home drywall free.  We recommended  you to 3 of our neighbors Thank you. 

Mary & Robert  Thornhill ON 


We recently purchase a resale home in north Etobicoke,  I have three healthy children  years 4, 7 and 10, since we've moved my youngest child started receiving rashes on her legs and arms.  I've taken her to the doctor on many occasions and could not find a cure or relief.   My cousin works for this company as a assistance and he recommended  to do the duct cleaning because it probably has not been done before and it would be a good idea to clean the ducts and furnace.  when they arrived and did an inspection, yeah for sure the ducts have never been cleaned since the construction of the house, that is over 30 years.  Since the procedure, the air quality of my home has been 100% better and most importantly my youngest child rash has disappeared thank you so much

Angela Greyhound


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