High Velocity forced air systems

The high velocity system is an energy efficient high pressure air delivery system that is designed to provide heating, cooling ventilation, throughout your home. The Hi-Velocity SDHV (Small Duct High Velocity) System works on the principle of high pressure rather than air velocity. It is quite different than a conventional furnace, the main difference being that the supply duct work is usually 8" round producing more air flow. The return air system is common with all other types of forced air systems and are always have debris from construction or renovation.  And over the years dust build-up that need to be cleaned to maintian high effiency.  Because the supply plenum duct is pressurized, dust build-up within the duct work is reduced but not eliminated.  High pressure cleaning will reduce and eliminate any airbourne contaminents.  

How does this benefit you?

Our high pressure cleaning will help create a healthier and more enjoyable indoor living environment for the homeowner, while saving money on monthly operating costs. The Hi-Velocity System can remove up to 30% more moisture from the air than conventional systems, leaving a constant and comfortable temperature on the skin surface.


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