Clear Your Air
Premium Package

Start from $259.00 Includes 20 Vents
Covers most homes up to 2500sqft
each additional vent $5.99
  • Full High air scrub pressure cleaning 25ft duct snaking of 
  1. Each individual vent throughout your home.
  2. Each individual cold air return.
  3. Each main ducting of supply & cold air ducting in the basement. 
  • High pressure cleaning of 
  1. ‚ÄčAir conditioning coil.
  2. Furnace blower motor & fan blades.
  3. Furnace filter compartment
  4. Ventor exhaust motor. 
  • Full high pressure Sanitization of each main ducting & furnace compartment.
  • Full high pressure dryer vent cleaning.
          Increase dryer effiency.
          decrease drying times.
          Save $$money$$.
          prevent fires hazards



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