All natural deodorizer is not a disinfectant. It is designed to enhance any cleaning activity by providing an extra measure of odour control.  

    Natural odour controllers neutralize unpleasant odours immediately upon contact and leaves a pleasant freshness in the air.

    This is specially formulated with essential oils for residential, institutional and commercial applications & compatible with all other cleaning compounds

    Can be used for all homes, at any time.

$49.00 up to 4000 sqft

All natural sanitizer disinfectant Eliminates harmful
 mold/mildew & bacteria causing odours upon contact. 
Recommended for homes 7 years and Older. 

* Kills Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza and other strains of FLU viruses.
* No Wiping or Rinsing Required.
* Health Canada Approved.
* No Warning Labels.
* Rachel Carlson Award.
* Kills TB / HIV and more.
* Safe to use around children, pets or food.
* Use it for Carpet sanitizing / Air duct disinfecting / cleaning.
* Botanical ingredients.
* DIN #02242474.
* Health Canada PCP#26369.
* Ideal for Medical Clinics/Hospitals/Day Care/Adult Care/Hospitality Industries.
* Environment Canada ECP#01001.


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