A New Home Should Be A Clean Home

Allied clean air solutions is established in the new home industry for over 16 years.  weve become a proven duct cleaning provider for new home builders throughout the GTA & surrounding areas of Toronto.  There are many benefits for home builders to provide duct cleaning for their customers. 

The obvious is visible in each vent as you can see,  but what you can't see is further down each vent.  Also in the main duct,  there are many forms of construction debris such as,  insulation, concrete, screws/nails, wire, drywall pieces, tile pieces, wood pieces just to mention some. 

Another good reason for duct cleaning is, If the furnace is being used for construction heat, the system becomes full of drywall & saw dust.  The filters used by heating contractors are fiberglass filters and are not able to filter the fine dust of drywall, then blowing throughout the system and house.  

Trades are a major factor for duct cleaning because many times lunches are thrown in the air duct system.  Over time if not removed can attract insects, rodents, birds, cats, and then mold mildew that causes certain odours. 

Providing New home buyers with air duct cleaning will contribute to a better living enviroment, reducing health issues, increased heating/cooling troughout the home,  Allowing new home owners to enjoy there home.    


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