Allied Clean Air Solutions

Air Duct Cleaning

  • 1. Professional technician with over 15 yrs experience will arrive at your door, with a truck
  • 2. We will need to see the location of the furnace to figure out the easiest and shortest access so we can bring a 8" Vacuum hose that is connected too a truck mounted unit down to your furnace.
  • 3. We will need to turn off your furnace.
  • 4. This hose will be hooked up to your main ductwork for the heat/air conditioning and for the cold air returns that are found on the walls in some rooms of the house (several hook-ups may be needed).
  • 5. Hook-ups are done by cutting a 6" hole in the main ductwork (These access holes may exist if previous done).
  • 6. We will then need to get access to all the vents throughout the house to high pressure clean each vent with our unique 25 ft air scrubbing duct snake that we snake down each vent with 250 psi to loosen and force all the debris down to the powerful vacuum hooked up to your furnace/main duct then to our large container in the truck.
  • 7. Dust or debris around the house will not be a factor because of are powerful truck mounted vacuum.
  • 8. Our technicians will loosen and remove dust and debris what others leave behind your satisfaction is our guaranteed 100%.
  • 9. We will then hook up the vacuum to the cold air return main duct for the furnace.
  • 10. carefully remove all wall returns for high pressure cleaning
  • 11. this is were majority of the dust is located because in order for your furnace to force air up it must take in air. wall returns is how your furnace takes in air so taking in all household dust and debris. all this household dust and debris your furnace takes in will not get carried down to your furnace filter. 80% of the dust debris will remain in your duct air system eventually over time will slow down the furnace intake air flow which then effects the performance of the furnace heating/cooling throughout your home.
  • 12. This is where cleaning the air ducts comes in. By cleaning the ducts/vents and furnace you eliminate any resistance which then provides increased air flow throughout the home. this will allow you to lower your thermostat a couple of degrees saving you energy costs.
  • 13. filters, filter any dust and debris from recirculating in your home (note filters are not 100% efficient and will allow dust to pass through especially fine dust like drywall dust, pet dander, fine airborne pollutants).
  • 14. To conclude the procedure we will then air scrub the main ducts pulling everything out what we forced down with the duct snake.
  • 15. We will then have to high pressure clean the blower motor, fan blades and filter compartment.
  • 16. if required we will deodorize the system with a germicidal which is used to disinfect hospitals/nursing homes.
  • 17. All access holes will be professionally sealed air tight and for reuse.
  • 18. all vents and wall returns will be carefully screwed back.
  • 19. Clean or replace furnace filter.
  • 20. check humidifier.
  • 21. Turn on your furnace
  • 22. make sure everything is okay before payment is made.
  • 23. our work is guaranteed for 1 year
  • 24. your satisfaction is our guarantee

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